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Congressman Schneider goes after the NRA tax exempt status, but he has a problem himself.....

Updated: May 20, 2020

On 2/6, Congressman Schneider escalated the attacks on the NRA’s tax exempt status.

Democratic Representative Brad Schneider of Illinois reiterated his call for an Internal Revenue Service investigation into the National Rifle Association, citing the Trace’s April 2019 investigation with The New Yorker. In a new report released on February 6, he compiled numerous allegations of self-dealing and financial misconduct at the gun rights nonprofit and concluded that “American taxpayers are subsidizing the NRA’s scheme.”
A member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Schneider last year requested documents from the NRA and its vendors as he sought more information on possible violations of its tax-exempt status. But he says the organization stonewalled his queries and blocked its former public relations firm, Ackerman McQueen, from cooperating.

Ok, fine (even though that whole thing with the New Yorker was an orchestrated hit job by Everytown). But what about Rep Schneider’s past dealings/influence over not for profits, specifically Everytown/Moms Demand Action?

So, the congressman contacted Moms Demand Action and asked them to contact public schools (taxpayer funded) in order to setup an event for him by using Everytown’s resources. The email that MDA sent states Schneider told them to do it. Schneider, on the other hand.....

On Saturday, I had the chance to meet and speak with students from more than a dozen area schools at a workshop program organized by Moms Demand Action.  These young people are incredible.  Their passion and energy are changing the debate on gun safety and setting an example for their elected leaders.

Uh, Congressman, MDA said YOU wanted them to organize it in 3/9/18 email. So which is it? Maybe this should be investigated further, as if you’re able to use a not for profit to setup events for your own purpose, that’s a huge no no in the 501C world.

It’s also interesting that Rep. Schneider is the one who spearheaded the investigation into the NRA in Congress two months after his little event in March.


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