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David Hogg working to help felons to vote in Florida

Oh David. Anything to help the Democratic Party I guess.....

Funny he’s all for Democrat voters that are felons, but seems to have an issue with people he thinks are felons (which are not) running for public office that are not on team blue:

Also, voting is more important than re-establishing all rights. As long as it benefits the party!

He’s full of crap by the way. This is their (March For Our Lives) ”reasonable“ plan:

Click the above link fit in-depth details on each point. Their plan (which was endorsed by Beto O’Rourke when he was running for POTUS and also much of this is part of Joe Biden’s plan) would create millions of new felons out of law abiding citizens minding their own business and contributing to society. I doubt David, his organization, and their far-left allies (see here and here for more) will be fighting to restore their “rights”. Matter of fact, they even fight against their own interests (preventing “gun violence”, right?) when it‘s done in Democrat controlled areas:


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