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Dear Shannon Watts... Lunch on me?

To Mom-At-Arms Readers (Shannon, just scroll down):

I doubt this post will go far amongst the 2A Community. As much as my team and I here at Mom-At-Arms LOVE to expose Ol' Shan Shan and her pals, and we don't plan on stopping as long as she/ Moms Demand Action, et al... continue to misconstrue and misrepresent Gun Owners in America that do not agree with her politics, we will continue to do so.

I should point out, we have never wished Watts or her ilk any ill will, ever. We're snarky about the things we say, and have a purpose for that, but aside from our attempts to poke fun at them (and the fact that Shannon is highly favored by rich folks for her work), Watts' mission is no different from our own, here at Mom-At-Arms; or within the 2A Community as a whole. Gun Control sucks a biggun, but... BUT... there is a common ground that we can agree on: We want Americans, especially our children, SAFE from harm. Fact is, GUNS CAN BE HARMFUL.


Because I'm a woman and a mother, I personally understand this. I grew up around firearms, being the daughter of a law enforcement officer & avid huntsman, along with growing up in a community that relied on firearms for survival (bunch of farm folk), but even then, it wasn't until adulthood that I sought out formal training. That training turned into a bigger love for the advocacy, as well as a bigger respect for the tool, itself. It's why I became an instructor. It's why I pinch pennies daily to keep Mom-At-Arms alive.

With all of that blabbed out for readers of Mom-At-Arms, I have a proposal for Shannon Watts...

Not unlike many in the 2A Community have offered, but I can honestly say they do it for clout, views, follows, etc... I, nor my team here at Mom-At-Arms thrive on that. Yeah, readership is nice, but we've also openly admitted that MAA is a resource FOR the 2A Community. I understand perfectly well that I'm preaching to the choir. BECAUSE I understand that, and don't shill for thrills... I mean, I could absolutely throw on a sassy push up bra, turn just right for y'all to have a glimpse at my tramp stamp while holding a rifle or two, and rack up in some likes on social media... but I ain't that thirsty. Cause NO MATTER HOW MANY GUN LAWS WATTS AND FRIENDS GET PASSED, I'M STILL GONNA DO ME! I live for myself and my family. Not Watts, a gun hater, a gun lover, Left Winger/ Right Winger, or anyone who likes victimhood or social media fame. PERIODT!

My Proposal for Shannon Watts:

Dearest Shannon,

As long as I have been involved in the world of Gun Rights and have harmlessly stalked your social profiles to see what your "professional" opinion is on the matter, I have yet to see you on the range or taking a firearms safety class, yourself.

We just spent two to three years talking about how we must trust the professionals.

"Trust the doctors/ scientists, because they're the doctors/ scientists and they're the ones that have the credentials and experience in these cases!"

In retrospect, because YOU do what YOU do as far as Gun Control, wouldn't it be pertinent for you to have the same credentials as someone, like myself? Even if not me, I'm sure my instructor would LOVE to help you in your journey.

So, I'm extending to you an opportunity to get to know me... Hi! I'm Jill.

I'm sure you'd laugh at that. I did, too, as soon as my brain even contrived the idea, but I'm a good time. Like you, I like Yoga. I'm pretty bendy. Studied religions and philosophy in college, so I can hang with whatever belief you happen to headstand on. I like to "Goodwill Shop Hop." That may not be your thing, but because I like to DIY and re-purpose, it's a fun time. I love nature walks. I feel most alive when I'm out frolicking. I'm not a picky eater, except that I do hate turnip greens, so I don't mind succumbing to a vegan meal every now and then. I enjoy cooking more, so if you're down for a southern Virginia cuisine... girl... I got you!

I know what you're thinking, "what's your actual, extremist proposal, Jill!?!"

Well, IF you're ever in Virginia again for your political whatnots and happen to come to the southern most areas that nobody talks about, I want to take you to lunch. You pick! Then, I'll be happy to show you my hometown's yoga studio (cause I know you like the yoga). BUT! And here's the kicker... I want to spend an afternoon on the range with you, too. Just you and me... plus whatever squad peeps you feel necessary to bring for your own comfort. I'll even happily contact my own instructor/ supervisor, as well as the local P.D. to be present, if that helps calm your anxieties. I do not mind these extra levels of safety to not only keep myself accountable... although any nefarious act is NOT my intentions... but absolutely to help you feel in as much control as possible.

I'm offering YOU this, Shannon, because for one, no one else really ever has unless it's something they can blast, and two... I want you to understand that even though I have made it a mission to annoy you, I am NOT your enemy. I do not want you hurt or harmed. As a matter of fact, I want to train you to be your best self, considering the role you have taken on as some sort of "gun rights professional." I want you to have the credentials/ experience under your belt. Politics and profits aside, I actually DO get where you are coming from... from one mother to another.

Do I believe that you'll have a different view on "Gun Nuts?" Yes. I think you'll have an "Ah Ha" moment.

Do I believe you'll switch gun "sides?"

Probably not, but I'm willing to at least hear you out. Woman to woman. Mother to mother.

PS: I'd come to you, but I don't have major backing from folks like Michael Bloomberg, nor have I written a book... yet... but I absolutely believe that you and I would find that we have way more in common with one another than either of us think. Annnnd you probably have a better wardrobe than I do, so let's commit to a "Dress Casual" kind of thing. It's also more ideal, because dresses and heels on a gun range isn't really a good idea... but I'm not judging if you do. Others might, but I won't. Just wanted to make that clear. Do yo thang!


Sound good?

If you happen to read this and interested, you know where to find me and we can discuss further.

~ Jill S. McDaniel

The Mom-At-Arms

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
28 sept. 2022

Indeed – it might save some gun "safety" "experts" some embarrassment to get some actual gun safety training under their belts. Were you aware that Alec Baldwin sits on the Board of Directors of a gun "safety" organization? Embarrassing.

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