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Democrat tries to say “I’m pro gun and support gun control”, but commits felony in the process

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Nothing like gun control advocates trying to say “hey, we aren’t anti-gun, we just want common sense gun safety”, but end up possibly committing a felony in the process. His boss lied on the 4473 (Canik wrapper on grip, meaning it’s brand new and from a FFL, thus lied on section 21a), and these two obviously don’t practice what they preach (Gun control, as you just bypassed your precious background check). I think this guy wants to be the next Mark Kelly or something. Now, it’s very possible this is all legal (it’s not illegal to gift a firearm under certain conditions), but perhaps his buddy Biden’s ATF should look into it. who knows.

The account has been around for awhile and has all sorts of “woke” posts on it, so while this isn’t 100% confirmed as the poster of the tweet implies, i’d bet that it’s true.

Well, while writing this, he deleted his post:

He’s also getting mad at ”gun worshippers“ for calling him out:

We got an answer:

Gotta love the gun owning gun grabbers who support universal background checks that they themselves bypass (background checks)......

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