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Democrats/Leftists start a Trump supporter doxing site

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Leftists have started a site that lists all donors to President Trump. If you’ve made a donation to his campaign, check and see if you’re on it.

While this is public information available from the FEC, it’s all compiled in a nice and easy to use site for the purpose of political harassment. The intention is for people to be able to search area codes and neighborhoods to see who donated to Trump, as it provides names, addresses, and amount donated. Why would people want this info? What better way to select a target for nefarious reasons, such as getting a name and address, finding them on social media, looking at their posts and ”red flagging” political opponents. These scum get excited at the idea of wrongfully harassing those that don’t agree with them, so why not send police to their house to confiscate legally owned weapons over a “come and take it” Facebook post and strip them Of their rights?

This type of thing can also cost people a job and cause problems in other ways. This is proof that the rabid left wants people hunted down and to be afraid. They want people to suffer. This is Third Reich style tactics and they somehow think they’re the “good guys”.

Contact for the site is here, but not much info coming up on it.

People that put stuff like this out are the ones that want gun control and for law abiding citizens to be disarmed. Think about that for a minute......


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