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DHS/FBI: Owning guns and being familiar with them is a sign of “extremism”

Wow. And they want family/friends to report people. Surely this won’t be abused for political retaliation against people and harassment against pro-rights folks. No, never.....

Note that the linked file in their tweet is from 2019, but the current administration is positioning itself to use it on American citizens that don’t agree with their politics and ideologies

It’s pretty sad that we are at this point in our country’s history. Owning firearms and weapons for legal personal use (including defense and sport) is in our blood. Doesn’t matter what your politics are, it is not “extremism“ to spend your own money on what you want and buy legal products such as firearms/knives/etc. Perhaps the anti-rights extremists need to look in the mirror and realize that they are the minority and not the majority, which makes them the “extremists”.

Hey, wait a second......I know someone who fits THIS description:

President Joe Biden’s nominee to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) has purged thousands of tweets from his Twitter profile, while still permitting communications on Facebook, raising flags over his prior hearing response that he made his account private due to “violent threats” that were forwarded to the Department of Justice.
In writing to Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton, David Chipman said he “decided to set my Twitter account to private because of violent threats I had received in the past and anticipated receiving once my nomination was made public. I notified officials at the Department of Justice that I intended to make my account private.”
In addition, it appears Chipman has deleted the vast majority of his tweets. Whereas there were 1,815 tweets in October 2016, there are now a mere 115 as of Wednesday. It is unclear why his Facebook posts remain public and why he can be freely messaged if Chipman is legitimately worried about being threatened through social media. Surely, those threatening the ATF nominee would be smart enough to use other platforms. The contradiction was flagged by American Accountability Foundation.

Yeah, sure David, you did it because of “threats”.....

Now, for a minute, imagine this guy leading a federal agency and using it to target people based on owning guns and ”wrong think”, both of which can be potentially classified as “extremist” depending on opinion. Can you see where this is going?

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