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Everytown is now using FOIA in Virginia to get communications w/local governments and gun groups

Something many of us have been doing for awhile against Everytown and Moms Demand Action, but they must be learning from it. Saw this earlier today:

“staff member of the Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund” (based out of New York).

Hi Kristine! (she’s doing so on behalf of an organization, not herself, so this is all fair game):

Everytown even used one of her tweets (her account is now locked):

Someone grabbed this before the lock:

She’s the Washington D.C. MDA chapter lead.

Her LinkedIn confirms (but has been deleted):

Check out the Virginia section in Everytown’s letter to congress and the President located here.

So, she’s not lying about location (where she is). She’s doing what many others have done against her organization. It’s fair game. So, how do you fight back? Simple. All other counties except Fauquier county are applicable. Do this TODAY!

Step 1: Create a throw away Gmail account. Don’t use your real name or create an email address that can lead back to you (create a fresh one).

Step 2: email your county board members with this message. Matter of fact, anyone ANYWHERE can do this:

“Only writing this so that I can tell Everytown For Gun Safety to piss off in case they FOIA. They are nothing other than a Michael Bloomberg front and don’t represent Virginia. Bunch of tyrannical jerks they are I tell you what. This should show up in FOIA keyword searches should they do a request

Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia Constitutional Conservatives

111% United Patriots of Virginia

Oath Keepers

National Rifle Association

Second Amendment Foundation

Gun Owners of America

Everytown Is A Terrorist Organization

Have a good day (except for Everytown/Moms Demand Action, who will hopefully see this should they do a FOIA quest). No need to respond to email”

That’s all you have to do. Flood the email systems and screw with Everytown should they do this on a more massive scale. I take it they didn’t like this tactic (FOIA to get comms with Loudoun County and MDA) used against them, so seems they are copying it in an official manner. Stories/FOIA docs about that here (Chair Randall) and here (this one is a MUST see).

When you have a Billionaire’s organization targeting smaller local grassroots groups, it should tell you that they see you as a threat and will do what they can to deal with you as such. It’s funny that they included the NRA (who had nothing to do with the 2A sanctuary movement in VA). I guess the folks at Everytown/MDA just can’t comprehend that citizens who are part of REAL grassroots groups can take initiative and think for themselves. Also, might be worth a FOIA to Northam’s and Herring’s offices......


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