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Everytown propaganda and destroying it with facts (Busted!)

Updated: May 20, 2020

A reader sent me this today. It’s a mailer that went out to subscribers (mailing list) of Everytown For Gun Safety. Great way to get info btw.

Lovely, isn't it? Let’s just focus on one thing though to keep this brief. Let’s focus on Students Demand Action.

Student led you say?

Let’s dig a little on that. Redactions done on some because one is a minor (and also because this isn’t being written to harass MDA, just proving that they are liars and use children).

Ok, so a contact email provided by the Everytown Student Lead. Google time!

Ok, Google time again on the contact.

Ok great, FOIA time!

(“NS” highligted, the Everytown Student Lead)

Wait, what?!?!?!? The “student lead initiative” is handled by the adults and they also provide the talking points? Well that’s not good. But wait, there’s more!

So there’s the “handler”, along with a sitting US congressman and Shannon Watts talking about the new Students Demand Action group. I wonder if the kids reached out to them to put it all together? NOPE! FOIA again busts them!

Read this VERY carefully:

Folks, a sitting US Congressman is using Moms Demand Action contacts in order to reach out to schools in order to recruit for Students Demand Action. This is all orchestrated by adults and political hacks, not students. The kids are the pawns. If Everytown is dishonest in their use of children, then what else are they dishonest about?.......

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