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FOID Cards and their racist roots go back to pre-civil war Texas

In Illinois and a few other states, you need to get “permission“ to legally own a firearm.

Let‘s go back to pre-civil war Texas and look at this law:

1839 Tex. Gen. Laws 172, An Act Concerning Slaves, § 6
That no slave in this republic shall carry a gun or other deadly weapon without the written consent of his master, mistress or overseer; such arms or other weapons shall be liable to be taken by any person from any such negro, and all such property forfeited, if it does not exceed ten dollars in value; but any such property may be reclaimed by the owner on paying ten dollars to the person who may have so taken the same.

So “negros” had to get written permission from their “master” or “overseer” to get/carry a deadly weapon. Sounds familiar in modern day:

To legally own (and pay fees to obtain the card):

To legally carry (and pay fees to obtain the license):

So just like back in the day, citizens of the state have to get written permission from their masters (in this case, the state of Illinois) in order to legally own and carry a firearm. Don’t get the cards (pay the fees), and you are a criminal under the law and subject to fines, punishment and imprisonment.

You’d think “progressives“ during this time of racial tensions (mainly pushed by democrats and their activist groups due to incidents with LE before all the facts come out regarding the incidents) would recognize this, but nah, they’re doubling down and trying to make “permission” harder to obtain.