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Gun control groups are now threatening law enforcement to join them, or else......

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

It Just doesn’t get anymore insane than this. A gun control group out of Pennsylvania (GunSenseUs) is issuing letters to county Sheriff’s that unless they take the organization’s pledge, the group will do a statement/press release in the area newspaper to infuriate the local gun control supporters.

The ONLY REASON this group wants Sheriffs to do this is so that the group can claim they have support, thus making them more “legitimate“ so they can show off the documents in front of cameras. Funny, as would a big time gun control organization use Gmail accounts their main email contact? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The group is real, however:

Their mission (per their website)?

The mission of GunSenseUs is to foster community well-being by seeking common sense solutions that recognize ALL citizens’ rights and responsibilities in working to reduce gun violence and ensure safe gun ownership.

They also want to help people to make sure their mutual funds don’t have firearms manufacturers included in them:

And of course, they want kids to participate!

Threatening local law enforcement into supporting you isn‘t the best course of action to teach kids, am I right?

Here’s a lovely little video with the President of GunSenseUs:

🤮 sorry 3 minutes of your life was wasted listening to her.

According to AmmoLand, the President of the organization didn’t like them using her name in their article about this, so we won’t do it here either.

Typical response from these anti-gun buffoons.....

So, in conclusion, maybe it’s not a good idea to strong arm law enforcement into bending to your demands just so you and your little gun control group can feel important. That’s “common sense” most people can agree on.

Note: since this woman doesn’t like opposing viewpoints and lives in a bubble, don’t contact her. The gmail address is listed on the group’s website as the main contact source, so it’s not exactly private and if she doesn’t want people contacting her, why is it there? If she doesn’t like that the Prince Law Offices published the letter she sent to the Sherrif, she can take it up with them. Thanks for making this public, Mr. Prince.



Also let’s educate the public: Fact: Concealed carry has been around a while, we have data Fact: Per the FBI, Concealed Carry permit holders as a group commit crime at a lower rate than Police Officers There are a lot of things broken in the U. S., it turns out that the Concealed carry screening requirements are NOT among them...Let’s focus on the things that are broken, that’s a much more constructive use of Law enforcement’s time



Which part of “shall not be infringed” is beyond their understanding...The appropriate response from these sheriff’s departments would be to publish this correspondence to their website upon receipt, thus putting the threat out in the open, and letting the constituents stew on it a while, and ask for input...that would defuse the letter and put the organization on notice...sunlight is best disinfectant...

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