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Gun control groups, their organizing tactics, and ethics laws

Updated: May 21, 2020

We are at a time now where unity and organization between 2nd amendment supporters is of upmost importance. Our rights are under attack. Below you are going to see how organized anti-gun groups are and what they’re willing to do in order to recruit and advance their message (even if it means breaking some rules).

Last year, the Parkland shooting led to the creation of March For Our Lives. They quickly got hijacked by the pros (Giffords, Women’s March, Everytown, etc). Here’s an example:

The tool kit (provided by Everytown)

Now here’s where to pay attention:

So, what are anti-gun event organizers willing to do in order to get people on board with this?

FOIA is your friend....

The above was sent to a teacher in a public high school by event organizers. Who were the organizers (in the email as well)?

So political operatives/representatives of a county political party did what?!?!?!?!?

From the toolkit

From the FOIA

And of course, encouring kids to contact them (political operatives) to take part in this.

So what’s the issue here? This.

So, political operatives are willing to put public school (taxpayer funded) employees in jeopardy of violating state ethics laws in order to push their agenda. They also see kids as political tools (objects) to use as pawns. Now the irony: King Bloomberg (Everytown) himself

So, it’s not ok to wear political buttons, but it’s ok to distribute propaganda when it supports your cause. Got it........

The point of this is that our opponents are well organized, well funded, and don’t care about ethics. They have no shame. We all need to stop bickering and back one another, which is difficult at times because some gun owners are willing to throw others under the bus in order to save themselves. I have a question for them though: When the antis are willing to break ethics rules/laws and use kids as pawns, is that really someone you can trust?.......


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