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Gun Control Today: They tried to warn us 56 years ago (and they were right)

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

In 1963, the CIA had this document. It was declassified in 2004:

In blue: there’s your “buyback” being proposed now.....

also, current day Rand Corporatio:

You can click the link for the rest of the names and companies.

Today, it’s no secret that many elected officials are after our guns. It’s also no secret that various (mostly) left wing astroturf groups are “demanding” gun control. We also have people like Michael Bloomberg creating gun control lobbying groups and funding the fight. Now, I want to keep this short, so let’s connect this to today.

First, business leaders demanding gun control:

Second, the “Peace Plan” of today, which some politicians are endorsing. Compare to what was said decades ago in the CIA document.

It is HIGHLY suggested you click on the link above, as it breaks down in detail what the “plan” is.

Third, we all no the media uses fear and propaganda to brainwash the masses against firearms, so we don’t even need to touch that.

Fourth, allowing foreign powers to influence policy:

The push for gun control has NOTHING to do with safety. This unclassified document might have sounded like a conspiracy only a few years ago. Today, it looks like they tried to warn us (and they were right).


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