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I am NOT the NRA

I'm a Constitutional Conservative.

Because of that, I am a 2A Defender.

I'm also a 1A Defender, and a 3A Defender, a 4A... 5A...6A... and so on.

As the notion goes, "the 2A protects the 1A."

That's right! It does!

What people need to realize, though, is that all of these "A's" protect The People.

Through many outlets, such as social media, I've found it kind of monotonous for Right Wing advocates for Gun Rights, as they post their pics, memes and gifs of guns and tactical gear...

Men strong arming a big ol' AR; Women, scantily clad, manicured up and at the range.



Intimidating elements added to the narrative, to grasp an onlooker's attention.

Women: "LOOK AT ME! I'm Pro 2A! Hehe! Now let me shake my half covered booty, and poke out my chest to show off this leather and spiked bra, while I aim at that big ol circle down there! Hehe!"

Men: "LOOK AT ME while I grunt and spit! I know all about guns. I have my muscles flexed and a camouflage hat on. Now I'm gonna adjust my junk and blow shit up! Yeah! 'Merica, Mutha Duckers!"

I must've missed the meeting where all of that up there was discussed as a mandatory thing to push Firearm Activism. The last time I went to the range, I was seriously in a pair of jeans, an old hoodie, no makeup... can't even tell ya if I brushed my teeth or hair that day. Sad thing is, that's my normal attire for range trips, so I can't use the excuse that I'm a toddler mom.

I hope I've not lost ya on what seems to be a tangent. Probably pissed a few of ya off... or about to. (GOOD!)

The meaning behind all of that, is folks have seriously put on blinders to the grand scale of things. Yes! Many of you know that if our guns get taken away, there's a possibility that we can turn into Venezuela.


But are you getting the message across... that limitations to ANY of our Rights as a Free People, its a guarantee that we will be an Enslaved People? I mean, hell! Everyone's favorite, but hated topic nowadays is "slavery"... but BIG GOV won't care about a race. Trust me.

We could ALL fall victim to it. Scary thought, huh? Sad thing is... OUR ANCESTORS TOLD US SO!

So, are you spreading that message along with your cool pics of your big guns, boobs and trucks, while you hashtag 2A Defenders and Gun Enthusiasts? Are you breaking it down in a step by step, line by line basis as to what the Constitution means for Americans? Are you giving the full document credit along with your 2A Argument? Are you exposing The Lefty, Gun Grabbing groups who own the media? Have you looked into their backgrounds and seen WHY they want our guns?

Oh! It's NOT just for control! LMAO!

You're already controlled by the government. Look up why you have a social security number. With that said... how many of you think that you're the NRA? You have a membership, sure... but do you have their money and power? No. They have yours, though. Same with GOA... and any other Gun Advocacy group out there. Yes. These groups use it for the betterment of The People... BUT! Those Gun Control groups think they're doing so as well. So... are you really the NRA? Think about it.

I am NOT the NRA. I am a member of the NRA.

I am NOT the GOA. I am a member of the GOA.

You wanna know what these Gun Control groups have over Gun Advocacy ones?


Everyday, every week... month... several times a year, these Gun Control groups like Moms Demand Action, Everytown, March For Our Lives, Women's March... they go out into their communities to spread their bullshit. That's where they are making an impact. Sure, they use the vulnerabilities of women, races, and youth to push their message, but overall... they're killin' it.

It's time to get our boots on the ground, 2A Defenders.

It's time to re-read that grand document our forefathers drafted for us, and go out and represent it's truth. Not just on social media. The NRA, nor the GOA are doing it. Instead, it's these folks like Armed & Feminine, Black Guns Matter, One Million Moms Against Gun Control, Chicago Guns Matter, Second Amendment Foundation, LIBERAL GUN CLUB, Second Amendment Sisters... these are groups that are using their platforms to go out there and spread the truth. They do so, primarily for free. VOLUNTEERING... but they are so limited.

Why are they limited? Read below.


WE need to be offering an understanding into why the ability and choice to own a firearm, and the RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE (which doesn't just mean to own a gun) is so important.

WE need to be supporting these actual grassroots groups who PUT THEIR NAMES... NOT THEIR DOLLARS... on the line for US, daily.

It's time to ask ourselves as 2A Defenders...

Are you supporting the 2nd Amendment as part of the CONSTITUTION?


Are you supporting guns?

Think about it.

Linked: The United States Constitution


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