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If only Joseph chatted with the redhead...

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Good morning Joseph,

Time to correct some critical issues in the article [] you posted about the Gun Rights Coalition event that occurred in Olympia, WA on Feb. 10, 2022.

Yes, this year's event drew about 50 people. Which is pretty good since it was on a weekday. Most 2A/gun owners have jobs that do not allow ability to go to political events unless you use your own personal time off/vacation time: we aren't employees of Levi Straus after all. Factor that this year's event was scheduled, planned, and permitted in under 4 weeks is pretty good.

The previous years' event happened in January. Generally the Friday prior to the first gun control bills hearing in the Senate Law & Justice committee.

Washington residents have come out strongly against these bills, the totals of the con who registered for the hearings last year exceed the pro by over 2 to 1. Consistently, thousands of Washington residents sign up and come out against these Anti-Human Rights, Anti-Civil Rights bills. Then, to comment about a bill that was forced through a floor vote after 10:00 pm, and complain about the number of people who showed up against the bill the next morning? Seriously. The greater majority of Washington residents oppose these ineffective, do nothing gun control bills.

Two of the current bills have seen serious opposition versus support. The January 17th hearings at the Law and Justice Committee was well over three to one support against gun control.

The statement from Inslee's spokesperson is also suspect. Specially since this bill was originally submitted in the first half of the biennial session in 2021. That the Governor's staff hasn't reviewed such a bill, that has the same language (except for the covid statement by AG Ferguson added new in 2021) for several years is also suspect.

Quite disingenuous of your statement.

Nor, did you attempt to speak to anyone who was present at this event. I know this, since I was there in the Pink Pistols Seattle / Tacoma booth. And I was one of the individuals who made a statement.

So, your push for violating the Human and Civil Rights of women, BIPOC, and marginalized

communities is duly noted.

The debate hasn't changed. We've adapted, grown stronger than those who push bigoted and racist gun control laws; and there will be current legislators who voted for violating civil rights that will not be holding office after this November's election.


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