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The continued Ghoulish false framing pushed out by AGoWA for selfish gun control

AG has made a post this morning as a "rebuttal" against the testimony made by Washington residents as well as several members of the Washington State Legislature.

Each one of his six claims is either an out right lie, framed misinformation, or ghoulishly pushing a false narrative to attempt to gain support for is Anti-Human Rights demand of gun control via a magazine size capacity ban.

The first slide, Bob makes the claim that the "gun lobby" has the talking point that the ban on the sale of 'high-capacity' magazines that hold more than 10 rounds violates the constitution. This is a two part deception. First, 10 round magazines outside the Ruger 10/22 as well as other smaller firearms are not the standard use. 15-17 rounds magazines are the standard capacity for full size 9mm handguns, which are the predominant handgun in the country: used by Civilians, LEOS, and Military. By claiming "high capacity" instead of "standard capacity" Fergie is intentionally lying about what the firearm is designed to hold from the manufacturer. Secondly, there are two cases currently being held at the Supreme Court of the United States which address the forced limitation of magazine capacity. ANJRPC v Grewal as well as NYSRPA 2. Split decisions in Federal Appellate Courts are not required for SCOTUS to hear a case. See Loving v Virginia as well as the older Buck v Bell.

Second slide Bob makes the claim that the Ninth Circuit notes that the plaintiffs have not pointed to a single instance -- in California or elsewhere where someone was unable to defend themselves with (the falsely framed) large capacity magazine. This, is incredulous when Benetiz, who sits on the 9th Circuit called out three cases where lives where gravely injured, unable to defend themselves in California due to the forced limitation on magazine capacity. Note: these victims were all women.

Third slide, this is completely false framing by the AG, which is unethical manipulation to obtain the selfish results he wants. The FBI as well as Axios expose the manipulated language that the Attorney General of Washington is using. By labeling anything over 10 rounds as "large capacity" Fergie is false framing the standard capacity of magazines used while intentionally ignoring the cases of mass shooters who used the limited capacity of 10 rounds (Parkland, Virginia Tech, Burlington)

Fourth slide. Serious false framing, again by the Attorney General of Washington State. He claims that shooters with the intentional mislabeled "large capacity" cause significantly more death and injuries when he is maliciously labeling standard from the manufacturer, magazines as "large capacity". Just how deceptive is this language? Manufacturers had to set up separate SKU numbers for production as the forced restrictions were put into place. As for evidence? Sutherland Church, TX; just recently the Pleasant Valley, WA shooting where CIVILIANS saved Whatcom County deputies from a man with a shotgun with their standard capacity firearms.

Fifth, Human Rights are not determined by the state of residency that an American lives in. NY, CA, NJ do not determine the Human and Civil Rights of WA, ID, AZ, FL, TX residents. The false framing of "more than one in four" is the same premise used to deny agency during Presidential election times and the Electoral Collage. I have family who live in New Jersey and New York, who as Law Enforcement Officers are able to possess standard capacity magazines. The family who are not employed as LEOs are not legally able to possess standard capacity magazines that Fergie calls "high capacity". This endangers the lives of MY family with the restrictions placed by NJ and NY. It is an abomination that the Attorney General of the State of Washington intentionally uses such language to forcibly deny effective Self Defense.

Sixth slide. This is by far the worst of all the slides that AGoWA has published in this release. By demanding that the victims of mass shooters, and the impact of such events be used to deny the impact of the many women in Washington State who have not been able to defend themselves from being stabbed to death or even decapitated by their abusers due to the lies of the gun control proponents shows the depth of the depravity that the AGoWA will go to push an authoritarian message. My family lost a child due to an accidental firearms accident. I don't use that death and tragedy to deny other women, BIPOC and Ethnic Minorities, as well as marginalized communities their Human and Civil Rights.

The continued assault by the Attorney General of Washington state on the Human Right of Self Determination by restricting and denying Self Defense is unethical and, in my humble opinion, should be grounds for disbarment. Unfortunately the Washington State Supreme Court is as horrific as the SCOTUS court that justified mass sterilization of women as "good for public health"; incidentally, this was the same court that violated the 1st Amendment with the eventually overturned Schenck (an anti-war protester) with Brandenburg v Ohio. Remember people, you *can* yell "fire" in the theatre.


Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Feb 14, 2022

"Bob makes the claim that the "gun lobby" has the talking point that the sale of 'high-capacity' magazines that hold more than 10 rounds violates the constitution."

This claim makes no sense at all. Did you drop a "not," or maybe spell-check turned one of your big words into the wrong big word?

Replying to

typo. corrected.

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