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Moms Demand Action allied State Rep helping convicted murderer (used gun) spread propaganda

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Going to the Illinois Department of Corrections website you’ll come across this:

Clicking the link gives more to the story, including who’s taking the posters to D.C.

The posters will be taken by Rep. Chris Welch (D-Hillside) to Washington, D.C. The march is scheduled for Aug. 28.

Rep. Welch is a darling of Moms Demand Action and a big proponent of gun control:

So, who made some of the posters he delivering?

Those posters will be taken all the way to Washington, D.C. to be used at the Black Lives Matter March, and inmate at Hill Correctional Center, Anthony Spaulding Jr., said he's happy to be able to have a voice. 
"It's been a Black Lives Matter movement before it was called the Black Lives Matter movement," Spaulding said. "We know that there's been people struggling and fighting for years and years before Black Lives Matter."
For Spaulding, it was about declaring a powerful message.
"My poster says, 'Is America for everyone,'" Spaulding said. "A lot of people understand we don't have equal protection and equal justice in a lot of aspects."

Here’s Anthony’s ruling from the courts (he shot and killed two people sitting in a car after they didn’t give in to his robbery demands).

How about another?

Hundreds of inmates, like Dominque Thomas, said the death of George Floyd sparked a need for change. 
"It was very frustrating," Thomas said. "The way I view it, it could be one of my loved ones ... my father, my brother, a son."
Each poster is unique. For Thomas, it was all about provoking change with an image.
"In my poster, hopefully they can see the pain in the individualized eyes," Thomas said. "Despite the color of his skin, he's still a human. He deserves the same as everyone else."

Yeah, not a good look, Representative Welch. Helping legit violent felons (one of which shot and killed two people innocent people) spread a message because somehow they’re experiencing “injustice“ for committing violent crimes. Did the lives of their victims matter?

Congrats on getting tagged on your personal account by the official Democratic National Convention by the way....


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