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IL State Rifle Association being little b*tches again

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

So the gun grabbers introduce this bill that criminalizes gun owners who have their guns stolen if they don’t report it quick enough. This bill is a stepping stone into a MANDATORY ”safe storage“ requirement in which it will be a criminal charge if you don’t lock up your gun separate from ammo:

And the ISRA’s lobbyist is neutral on the bill:

Last session, the ISRA helped push a gun control bill forward that is now law (strengthening the FOID card). As some remember, they also hijacked OUR WORK to benefit themselves (linked below)

Our article and investigative work dated 12/2/19

ISRA hijacked it 8 days later and dumped what they were sitting on in private. Why would they withhold this info and only dump it after we found it on our own (on a lunch break, mind you lol). It did lead to a federal lawsuit, btw: