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Illinois: anti-gun lawmakers at it again (trying to get draconian FOID bill rammed through)

These people never quit. After failing to get through the IL Senate last session, anti-gun lawmakers are getting ready to introduce the same legislation this session in an attempt to ram it through. Here’s the thing though: it’s not needed and is a blatant attempt to further assault legal Illinois gun owners and thr is more fees and red tape at them. Here’s why it isn’t needed (link heavy):

First, the State Police does not need more money for this ancient program (pre-dates NICS, which does the job for it). In fact, the State Police doesn‘t even use half of the funds allocated to them for FOID card processing and administration. That’s all detailed here (as well as fund sweeps that lawmakers used to fund other projects):

That article and what happened because of it (lawmakers on “our side” and the Illinois State Rifle Association dumping their findings, confirming our research regarding fund sweeps, which then led to a federal lawsuit) led us to do more research, which brings us to point two: the lawmakers asking for fee increases for FOID cards are on record for saying “there isn’t enough money for the State Police Firearms Services fund to operate effectively”, yet they were the same ones sweeping the funds from the state police’s FOID fund in the first place!

Third, the Fix the FOID bill is a result of the 2019 Henry Pratt shooting. Once again, we researched it heavily and have found that the gunman slipped through the cracks because of the State Police and lawmakers’ own mistakes. It was their fault!

Most of the info in the links are not our opinions, it’s info from state audits, state reports, etc. This bill isn’t needed, as IL gun owners are not responsible for the ineptness and deception of lawmakers who are just out to make our lives a living hell.


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