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Inside the mind of a Moms Demand Action activist (government authoritarianism)

Updated: May 20, 2020

This is Ryann:

Ryann is entitled to her own opinion. This is not to bash her personally, but to show you how these gun grabbers and Democrat activists think.

April 1 (praising a lockdown to stop community spread). The government must order people to do things by force because they need to be ruled. Celebrate!

Less than two weeks prior, ”Go out and vote!!!! Spread your germs for democracy!!!”

We must move towards voting by mail! What could go wrong????? Worrying about voting is sooo important during a worldwide crisis and needs to be made a priority. Democrats need to take over!

Please government, enact a curfew! Us plebs are too stupid to stay home after a certain time on our own. The virus loves the night, didn’t you hear?