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Long lost article from 12/18/12: meet Shannon Watts!

Paying for old print newspaper access has its benefits. You can dig up stuff that’s not easy to find on the web otherwise. Take for instance this introduction to Shannon Watts and her brand spanking new gun control group!

This should stand out btw:

“Limited window to capitalize“ over the anger and emotional hurt over dead kids. They want to use dead kids to “capitalize“ on a larger goal (gun control). Was she in communication with Arne Duncan and Rham Emanuel around then? Sounds similar to their strategy. Oh, and Kim Russell is mentioned. What’s she up to these days? Surely she isn’t part of another astroturf group to “capitalize“ on things by using fear and anger, right?

Watts and Russell are not pioneers in this field, though. In fact, Watts is nothing more than a copy cat:

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Jeff Yungen
Jeff Yungen
May 07, 2021

As the leftists say, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

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