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Lori Haas & The Magic Of Gun Control

Recently, Lori Haas, Virginia State Director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and mother of VA Tech shooting survivor, Emily Haas, decided she would take aim at Virginia Gun Owners by sending this goody of an article to The Roanoke Times- where Haas uses her moment in the spotlight to dumb down Virginia Gun Owners, as we fight for our right to self protection.

Let me start off by saying, the VA Tech shooting was horrible, but the fact remains that Gun Control methods that were already practiced on campus prior and up until the tragedy (and presently) DID NOTHING TO STOP THE SHOOTER FROM ENTERING THE HALLS... did they, Haas?

Yep... this article, from THIS MOM and VA VOTER, is aimed directly at you, Princess.

Definition of Fairy Tale...

Let's talk about who believes them, shall we?

Do you think that Virginia Gun Owners are that stupid?

Do you really think, when it comes down to matters of individual rights... NATURAL RIGHTS... that we Gun Owners buy into what you call a "fairy tale"... unless we didn't have a pretty legit and logical reason behind it?

I mean, you and your organization actually believe a little sign, a cutesy little ribbon, or a piece of paper signed by politicians will stop all the bad, evil villains of the world- AND YOU SAY WE GUN OWNERS BELIEVE IN A FAIRY TALE!?!

Are we Gun Owners and Lovers of Liberty and LIFE, THAT beneath you, while you sit on your throne of Gun Sense thinking that DERANGED CRIMINALS- like the one who entered the doors of VA Tech on April 16th, 2007- will give a damn about any of the Gun Control Legislation YOU stand behind? He certainly didn't that day, did he?

Ms. Haas, can you tell me a definite answer as to WHY the 22,000 PLUS Gun Control Laws we have on the books already DO NOT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING????

Can you guarantee a Happy Ending with the legislation you stand behind?

Can you guarantee a Happy Ending especially after King Northam sends his Knights of Gun Control Enforcement door to door?

How many innocent lives will befall his legislation- in turn, possibly adding to those "gun violence" numbers of yours, if they oppose due to confusion of not knowing what they did wrong?

I, the daughter of a former Virginia Police Captain and FBI affiliate, find it extremely hilarious that YOU and your cohorts, as you look into your crystal balls, believe that Universal Background Checks and Red Flag Laws (EROs) are the answer to all of this madness... when in fact, the FBI will be the ones to manage these things...


Didn't they, Lori? (Just in case, here's their latest stats: FBI CRIME STATS. And unfortunately, unlike a mirror on the wall, none of this info reflects your Gun Control stances. Aint that something?)

So, tell me Lori Haas, Virginia State Director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, when are you going to stop spreading your poison apples filled with a false sense of reality to the world?



Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go hang with my unicorn.

I'm kidding! I don't have a unicorn! Contrary to what you believe us Virginia Gun Owners think, I actually know that unicorns are a myth...

Just like Gun Control is.

Oh! And P.S. Lori: I have been on camera and in interviews, and I'm not afraid of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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