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March For Our Lives: Shilling for China????

Updated: May 20, 2020

Getting text an email updates from gun grabbers can have its benefits. March For Our Lives was sending this out today. Had to reply “NEXT” to keep it going:

So, what are they saying??

1. I agree with them that racism should not be tolerated, but “falsely accusing China for being the source of other viruses”? Are they trying to provide cover for China in all of this????

2. Starting a online #IamNotAVirus campaign and asking ”non-Asian allies” to share their stuff......Thought we were all the same? Isn’t separation based on race a form of racism?

3. The link in the very last message:

Click the “English” form

Looks to me as if they’re trying to start a mass reporting campaign AND target people on social media who talk shit about China and the origins of the coronavirus. The goal and where these reports end up?

The FBI now warns of an increase of hate crimes against Asian Americans, but we’ve already experienced a surge. Since the Stop-AAPI-Hate website, a project of the Asian Pacific Planning and Policy Council and Chinese for Affirmative Action, launched on March 19 to track anti-Asian harassment, it has received more than 1,000 reports from people in 32 states detailing verbal abuse, denial of services, discrimination on the job or physical assaults.

Let‘s face it. There is no excuse for racism and making fun of Americans because of their race. Asian Americans are not to blame for this. But the fact that MFOL is working with other special interest groups In order to pinpoint and make official complaints to the FBI off of shit posts on social media should be alarming. It will be abused and used to target political opponents of MFOL. That’s how they role. Personally, I think Asian Americans have their safety covered if they are ever face with a situation in which they are truly in danger (and March For Our Lives won’t like it):

Gun stores are reporting a sharp rise in the number of Asian people purchasing firearms to protect themselves from racist attacks amid the coronavirus outbreak.
David Liu, the owner of Arcadia Firearm & Safety in San Gabriel Valley, has claimed that he has seen around 10 times more customers walk through his door in recent weeks.
"It was crazy," Liu told Newsweek. "One example is on March 3 and 4, I had 50 plus people come in here to take their firearms safety test and everyone one of them bought a gun. That's quite unusual for my small shop.

I know I speak for most gun rights advocates when I say “good on them.” I think Asian Americans know a thing or two about banding together to protect themselves in a time of crisis as well:

Thoughts on “rooftop Koreans”, March For Our Lives?


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