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MFOL youth activist mad that cops won’t let protestors destroy and harass

A Chicago Alderman said this:

He was retweeted with comment and this punk replied:

He is a “GVP” (Gun Violence Prevention) organizer:

And then there’s this:

Some came to see musicians Chance the Rapper, Jennifer Hudson and, or the student activists who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, or former congresswoman and gun violence survivor Gabby Giffords.
But what stole the show at the annual end-of-the-school-year peace march and rally at St. Sabina Parish in Chicago was the 15-minute reading of the names of 147 young people under 21 who have been shot and killed in the city in the past year — including five infants.
Student speakers railed against underfunded schools, mental health services and jobs programs and the recent approval of a $95 million new police academy in Chicago. But violence and lax gun laws were the common target.
"I'm tired of waiting for our politicians to do something to fix this problem," said Diego Garcia, of Immaculate Conception Parish on Chicago's South Side, announcing a summer-long hunger strike called "Starved for Change."
"We are the Rosa Parks of the 21st century," Garcia said. "We are the Cesar Chavez of our time."

So Diego is so worried about gun violence and wants to push gun laws. Then why the HELL was he at St. Sabina’s doing crap with Michael Pfleger when this happened just weeks earlier?

An armed security guard associated with staunch anti-gun and nationally known social activist, Father Michael Pfleger, was arrested on May 27 outside St. Sabina’s Roman Catholic Church on the South Side where Pfleger is a senior pastor. 
The Chicago Police (CPD) charged Henry Eugene Hale, 35, with possessing a firearm without a valid Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card. He was released on $150 bond.
A spokesperson for the CPD told Chicago City Wire that police officers approached Hale at the church, which  is at 1200 W. 78th Place, when “they saw him holding a firearm.” 

So, Diego, you’re mad that the CPD isn’t taking any crap from rioters. You say it’s against “your “constitutional right“ and that your local politician wants you arrested for exercising it (don’t act outside of the 1A and you’re fine, dipshit). You also want strict gun laws imposed on people by the same politicians to which a local law can be made to harass people not doing anything wrong other than having a certain type of legally bought firearm just because YOU want to “feel” safe. You have no idea what you’re talking about, kid. Pull your head out of your ass.


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