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Michigan ammo company is background checking their customers for Biden voters

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Considering that Biden is on the verge of enacting gun control, this isn‘t a bad idea at all (I mean, a fair amount of them think all of the opposition are “Nazis“ and wants them to be forcefully re-educated and banished from society until that happens, right?). This also isn’t the first firearm related business to do so. The butthurt in this thread is also pretty good, but there’s also some important dialogue.

We’ve covered some of what Fenix Ammo has had to go through in MI, such as being targeted by local Democrat gun control supporting politicians that are supportive of Moms Demand Action:

And also them being targeted for mask wearing compliance under Governor Whitmer’s EO:

They make great ammo btw and have a sense of humor!


Fenix has released the following statement, as this whole thing went viral:

Biden campaign on guns:



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