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Mike “Bloomgerm”: screw hygiene, it’s FINGER LICKIN GOOD!

At a time where we are told to wash our hands and practice safe hygiene practices due to a worldwide crisis, MIke Bloomberg throws that all out. Look at this guy! We’ll give you the play by play of this video:

Mike goes in for some grub

Finger feeds himself from a “buffet style“ layout




and then touches the cap for the coffee jug

Mike #Bloomgerm is disgusting (not only for his lack of table manners). You’d think that with his position with the World Health Organization (Global Ambassador for Noncommunicable Diseases) he’d take hygiene more seriously considering the current situation here and abroad. What does he care though. He can buy his way out of the virus if he gets sick I’m sure. His staff? Probably not. I’m sure they’ll have to sign NDA’s if they get sick as to not paint Bloomgerm in bad light for getting them ill.


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