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Moms Demand Action backed politician threatens to shoot people who don’t wear masks

Updated: May 20, 2020

This article published yesterday is deceiving:

A Selinsgrove School Board member has apologized for Facebook post she made — and has since removed — addressing those in the anti-lockdown protest who were refusing to wear masks in public.
In the original post, Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay, a Second Amendment advocate, posted an image of protesters in Harrisburg and wrote, “I find it interesting that the largest group of those protesting in the anti-lockdown protest and refusing to wear masks in public as they see it as a violation of their constitutional rights are those against any form of gun regulation. As a conceal carry permitted gun owner. If you refuse to wear a mask and try to come within six feet of my family, I will exercise the same constitutional rights to shoot you.” 

You see, the above article makes it out like she’s a “republican gun nut”. She is not a 2A supporter. She’s a Democrat with Moms Demand Action!!

Representing the major parties on Tuesday’s ballot areRepublicanDavid Rowe, a former East Buffalo Township commissioner, and Democrat Jennifer Rager-Kay, a doctor who ran for the seat in 2018.
Rager-Kay said she is a gun owner with a concealed carry permit, but also has the backing of Moms Demand Action, an anti-gun violence group. She supports background checks on long guns and a law that would allow for the temporary seizure of firearms in “red flag” situations.

Orange Wave PA also really liked her. The images below are pulled from their Facebook page:

More on her stances:

Rager-Kay faces off against Republican David Rowe in an Aug. 20 special election.
"I certainly think there is a need for gun law reform, but we should not ban everything, take all guns away from people," said Rager-Kay, who is a gun owner. "There needs to be protection against placing guns in the wrong hands, such as convicted criminals, individuals with a history of domestic violence. Yes, it is important to define assault rifles versus a shotgun, a single fire, or semi-automatic. But what it comes down to are making sure that guns don't get into improper hands, and that includes people with mental issues. That is the first area to get funding cut from a budget." 
It doesn't make us any safer if people with mental health issues can get their hands on a gun, she contends

Think she should have a gun after a statement like that? These people have NO UNDERSTANDING what real gun safety is and are emotionally unstable. Moms Demand Action or the local Democratic Party has yet to comment....

Of course, she “clarified” post.....

A Selinsgrove school board member is clarifying a recent Facebook post stating she’d shoot anyone who came within six feet of her or her family and refusing to wear a mask.
Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay’s post was a remark about people participating in the recent anti-lockdown protest in Harrisburg, while some participants were not wearing cloth masks.
In a separate post, Dr. Rager-Kay explained herself to anyone offended. She says she’s ‘in a profession where the threat of someone approaching me not wearing a mask while in the midst of a pandemic is equivalent to the threat against my life.’ She says ‘just as it would be if they approached me with their gun drawn and pointed at me.’
She says her post was described as hateful, but hateful suggests a lack of love. She says a lack of love is demonstrated by refusing to wear a mask out of love for those you encounter. Her full post is at

Yep. It was “out of love”.

Watch what she said in an interview when she was running for the PA house seat. She should take her own advice and stop blaming Trump. Talk about eating your own words......

UPDATE 5/20/20:

She resigned from the school board. Her resignation shows she has no regrets and she doubles down (and attempts to work in smears on castle doctrin/stand-your-ground). What a loon (typical gun control advocate).

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, but threats of violence should not (and are not) tolerated, especially in a position like the school board. With that..... hit it, Freddie!


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