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Moms Demand Action: being “nasty women” in front of an Alzheimer’s facility

So Moms Demand Action decided they needed to counter-protest a rally (their right to do so) for Kyle Rittenhouse that took place in front of his detention center. They chose a rather poor place to do so:

Here’s one of the leaders of the chapter talking about how “bad ass” they are:

Yeah, I’m sure they’d be fine with it if he was 18 🙄

Yeah, those “nasty women” (and Carolyn, who has past encounters with IGOT, the group who held the rally in support of Kyle) sure got the attention of the facility residents I’m sure!

On one side were Rittenhouse's defenders, who argue the teen was acting in self-defense when he shot and killed two people and wounded a third during protests Aug. 25 that followed the shooting of a Kenosha man by police.
Holding signs like "Free Kyle" and flags of the American, Don't Tread on Me and Trump 2020 variety, they stood across busy Milwaukee Avenue from the Robert W. Depke Juvenile Complex Center.
The protest was organized by Illinois Gun Owners Together, a pro-Second Amendment group, but also included others supportive of Rittenhouse.
"The main reason of this event is to rally around the concept of self-defense is not a crime," said Carl Arriaza, the rally organizer and founder of the gun owners group. "He's a young kid. He's been locked up for over a week in solitary confinement. We wanted to show support and boost his morale."
Just down the block, in front of an Alzheimer's care center, were gun control supporters who argued Rittenhouse, a minor, shouldn't have been armed with a semi-automatic rifle on the streets of Kenosha.

Seriously, what the hell was Moms Demand Action thinking? Couldn’t they just hold it elsewhere? Yelling outside the facility and putting fear in patients with dementia not only confuses the residents, but also might make staff more stressed as well. Then again, perhaps they were practicing their lies:

Therapeutic lies Do understand that honesty is not always the best policy when dealing with dementia. Sometimes, “therapeutic lies” or fibs are the best course of action when dealing with dementia patients.  It may seem counterintuitive to lie to your loved one, but it may keep them from experiencing mental anguish, anxiety and confusion.

Kind of like “if we ban AR-15’s, all of the kids will be safe” or “we don’t want to take your guns, we just want common sense gun safety laws”, or the famous “we support the 2nd amendment“.

In all seriousness, really bad place to spew your crap, MDA. Pick a better location next time. What I’m most curious about though is if Moms Demand Action was working with the area BLM (Libertyville chapter) and Antifa (Antifa got nasty a tad). For the pro-gun side event (IGOT) and what really happened during it, click here.

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Will Ford
Will Ford
Sep 10, 2020

KAREN'S......just spelled different. Starts with a C

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