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Scenes from K. Rittenhouse support rally outside jail

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Well done, IGOT. Peaceful and some good conversation with a BLM counter-protestor.

Original sources with more footage here and here from the “self-defense is not a crime” rally:

Very curious as to why Moms Demand Action wanted to interfere with IGOT, as this event was a textbook example of exercising the 1st amendment and as you see above, it was respectful both ways (Kyle supporters and BLM).

Oh well, MDA is full of hatred and doesn’t understand anything beyond what they’re programmed to (herd mentality), so it should really come as no surprise they wanted to get the word out to crash the event (they failed).

But according to area Moms Demand Action goons, IGOT is a bunch of “KKK neo-Nazis” lol. Here’s video of one counter-protestor (a Marxist who apparently was part of the Kenosha riots) calling them ”racists“ and “chuds” (didn’t see the BLM-Lake County guy hanging out with her friends in harmony):

And then we have the lone representative of BLM-Libertyville, who seemed to want to have his genitals pleasured by IGOT. Kind of odd, as he just wouldn’t stop yapping about himself wanting oral sex:

They sure do have a warped reality, on top of trying to counter-protest what the rally was actually about. They’re pathetic (and what they’re countering has nothing to do with illegal gun possession in Illinois, as Kyle would have been under Wisconsin law). Funny how they’re not out protesting “illegal gun possession“ in Chicago, where felons and gang members are illegally possessing firearms daily and killing people.

Still not sure why this is an issue, as even if it were, Kyle is in custody, so how is this relevant and why are they protesting it? Wonder if they‘re against this example as well. Gotta love the excellent branding on top. Totally makes them look “grassroots“ (which we know is a lie, they’re bankrolled by Michael Bloomberg, who gives them millions upon millions of dollars every year and thinks stopping and frisking minorities and targeting them for disarmament due to their race is ok).

The links to the rally and our video (from the links) are above. Do they match what the appealed people are saying? You be the judge.

And I love the way the Daily Herald worded this:

"The main reason of this event is to rally around the concept of self-defense is not a crime," said Carl Arriaza, the rally organizer and founder of the gun owners group. "He's a young kid. He's been locked up for over a week in solitary confinement. We wanted to show support and boost his morale."
Just down the block, in front of an Alzheimer's care center, were gun control supporters who argued Rittenhouse, a minor, shouldn't have been armed with a semi-automatic rifle on the streets of Kenosha.


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