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Moms Demand Action endorsed candidate for IL house goes over the top to attack opponent

So this is a glimpse of an ad running in IL House District 66:

The ad features Suzanne Ness’s opponent, sitting state rep and Republican Allen Skillicorn holding a shoulder fired rocket launcher. Zoom in a tad and you can see that he’s NOT firing it:

The green sign is for the Illinois National Guard. It’s a PR event for them in which they have their equipment out for demo LOFL! Politicians go to these things. Does Suzanne Ness think the IL National Guard shouldn’t have “weapons of war” or something?? Does she think the public shouldn‘t be able to interact with our troops in a non-combat/disaster type situation? Her ad creators aren’t that bright. Moving on....

Should come as no surprise that Ness is endorsed by Moms Demand Action: