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Update to the “voter intimidation” tip that sent LE to a gun store over an ad (we know the tipster!)

We reported the other day about Minutemen Arms being harassed by LE by someone sending a tip about an ad. Shannon Watts also sent out a tweet about it. Our article:

You’ll notice there’s two articles linked at the bottom of that one, and an area Moms Demand Action lead tried to pull one off on us. Well, here’s a FOIA in regards to the event that happened w/Minutemen Arms:

Larger version (this woman is a nothing more than a gas-lighting political extremist):

Kristen Swanson. Yeah, we know her: Mom-At-Arms allies did a FOIA in Loudoun County in late 2019 and got this email from a county board member. “Kristen” sent it (we won’t share her email address, but clicking on it gives up the full name, which we redacted in good faith until she pulled the stunt below):

She didn’t like the article we did above (had some info on her, but that article has since been updated after she tried to play victim with the head of Mom-At-Arms and pulled this stunt):

We obliged by her request (redacted some things in the original article, but slammed her in the updated one), but also did more research. Just who is she besides being higher up in the area Moms Demand Action chapter?

So the f-ing Vice chair of the district’s Democratic party is using law enforcement (via an email sent to the Loudon County Board of supervisors, read here for more on the chair of the board) to harass a gun store over an ad they did, in which Shannon Watts (founder of Moms Demand Action) uses her platform in order to bring more attention to it in order to get her commie mommies riled up.

There was never a threat and Kristen new it. She tried to pull the same shit with us. Perhaps this is why she ended her email to the county the way she did regarding Minuteman Arms LOFL!


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