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Moms Demand Action is afraid of FOIA requests

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

***Update at bottom***

Wow!! So we were looking through Shannon Watts’s Twitter feed and saw this under her “likes“:

We wanted more info on what was discussed, so we quote tweeted that we might do a FOIA request on it:

Then this happened:

The individual also seems to be getting paranoid, as someone (who by looking on their Twitter account appears to a Raleigh resident that also has posts to do with “gun violence“) on his tweet wanted more info:

What is Moms Demand Action afraid of? What’s so bad about a FOIA request asking for emails in which were exchanged with the police department and Moms Demand Action members? Oh, that’s right, they HATE FOIA requests. #MomsDemandRedactions

We were kind enough to block out the email address here too, as believe it or not, we are not monsters nor wish them any harm.

This is what she was spazzing out over lol. She exaggerated a LOT. It’s just advertising a gun in stock and “get it before Biden might win and bans it.”

Head mom Shannon Watts even tried to make a big deal over it.

We (everyone) have a right to see how Moms Demand Action is utilizing taxpayer funded services (like Police Departments) to advance their agenda, such as with Chief Brackney of Charlottesville, VA:

Photo attached in email obtained via FOIA:

And what was that event about? Pushing for a nationwide “assault weapons” ban and using her status as a police chief to do so.

Another example of Moms Demand Action and their government allies targeting people here. FOIA again exposed it:

So yeah, we and others are going to FOIA when we see stuff like this. Sorry, but blocking and acting paranoid over it makes eyebrows raise.....

UPDATE: this is who Tony is. From 4/30/21:

The North Carolina chapters of Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action, both part of Everytown for Gun Safety, released the following statement after two officers, Sgt. Chris Ward and K-9 Deputy Logan Fox were shot and killed in the line of duty in a home in Watauga County. Two other people were killed in the tragedy – George Wyatt Ligon and Michelle Annette Ligon.
“Our hearts are with the famil