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Moms Demand Action: making BLM fortune cookies and using tasty treats as a bribe

As we all know, the “volunteers“ of Moms Demand Action are pretty much a cringeworthy bunch of progressive women (and some men that identify as moms, and other members are redcoats). They don’t know a leftist cause they don’t agree with. Well, one of these brilliant women thought it would be a great idea to showcase some Black Lives Matter fortune cookies (even went as far as darkening the treats of Japanese origin) she received from another Moms Demand Action goon:

Seriously? What the hell? 10 to 1 it was another white progressive woman who made them that decided to put her odd crafting skills to work. It’s a common thing among them as well (as is poor treatment of minorities in the Everytown/MDA corporate ranks, and it hasn’t stopped). They bring cookies everywhere (guess it’s a conversation starter and gets people stuck with them like a bug on a spider web):

Lastly, one of them even tried to give Santa Claus their BS propaganda this year (how fitting, a Moms Demand wine glass):

Perfect for anti-gun liberal Santa (he got fired):


Statement from one of the Mom-At-Arms team members.


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