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More “Sanctuary Cities?” Why that's a good thing.

I know many of you are groaning and in shock by that title. How can sanctuary cities be good? Well, not all sanctuary states, counties, and cities are created for illegal aliens. During a time when some places are declaring war on the 2nd amendment via red flag laws, others are working hard to protect the 2nd amendment.

Last week we saw Lake County, Florida become the first “Second Amendment Sanctuary” county in Florida. Sarasota County, FL is also proposing a similar resolution. While some say this protects law-abiding gun owners from having their firearms taken away, others declare it is just a gesture to show how strong their support is for 2A. Not only did we see Florida take action towards protecting the 2nd amendment, but so did Mohave County, Arizona, who approved the gun rights resolution unanimously one day before Tucson voted on becoming a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. But that's not all, this summer, in a state we rarely expect anything conservative, Needles, California also declared itself a sanctuary for the 2nd amendment. Even Daniel Peters, a liberal who once campaigned for Beto O'Rourke, told commissioners that he "shoots back" and is pro-2A sanctuaries since the government can't always be there to protect you.

Just what do these 2A Sanctuary resolutions say? Most of them support the law enforcement's decisions to “not enforce unconstitutional firearms restrictions against any citizen.” They also protect city, county, or state funds, employees, and buildings from being used to enforce any law that unconstitutionally infringes on our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Even in light of the big Democrat win on November 5th, Virginians could see a move for 2A Sanctuary status at least in some parts of the state. The Virginia Citizens Defense League, a political action committee, is urging citizens to push for more “Second Amendment Sanctuary localities” similar to the one in Carroll County, Virginia.

What can you do? When I contacted the Alabama Gun Rights Network on their Facebook page, I asked them if they worked with initiatives towards creating 2A sanctuaries. They said that they are not because “they [2a sanctuary resolutions] have no effect under the law” and “the supremacy clause of the US Constitution results in an inescapable enforcement of federal law, no matter what a state resolution says.” While I agree with that statement, I also see the good in pushing for the pro-gun sanctuary status. In a turbulent political climate where many Democrat candidates call for stricter gun control and even some Republicans have called for Red Flag laws, I believe it helps citizens feel heard about their concerns regarding our constitutional rights. To me, rallying together to create 2A sanctuary municipalities doesn't sound like a bad way to be heard. First check the Organic Prepper's list of Second Amendment sanctuaries. Next, contact your local gun rights advocacy group to see where they stand and how you can help. Not sure where to start? Check out our list of pro-gun rights organizations for more information.

What do you think about #2A sanctuary status? Let us know... we'd love to hear from you.


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