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New Illinois Senate Bill: Illinois FFL’s to help fund the State Police Firearms Services Fund????

Updated: May 20, 2020

Filed 2/6 by Illinois Democrat Senator Heather Steans, SB3099 would dissolve/merge the Firearm Dealer Certification Fund into the controversial State Police Firearms Services Fund:

The Firearm Dealer Certification Fund is around because of the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, which was signed into law (and is now being challenged in court) shortly after Governor Pritzker was seated in 2019. Basically, lots of red tape for FFL’s and it costs store front locations $1500 to get a state certification and homebound FFL’s are required to pay $300. The result was FFL’s just said this hassle isn‘t worth it and they closed their doors.

With the state police now being sued in federal court because of the the money from the State Police Firearms Services Fund not being used for its purpose (frankly, the money isn’t being used at all), just what is the reasoning behind this bill?

Keep in mind that this bill (SB 3099) was just filed, so it’s something to keep an eye on only. Hopefully Senator Steans can explain the reasons behind it, as it looks shady considering the timing of the proposed fund merger.


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