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Probably a Moms Demand Action member (acts like one)

Updated: May 20, 2020

Totally something one of them would do if a car blocked the cross walk on their daytime leisurely walk. A must watch.

Think I’m kidding? Look at some of their past actions. Verbally assaulting teenagers:

Kellye Burke, the Houston-area councilwoman who was outed by media for screaming obscenities at a group of girls in a cookie shop because one wore a “Make American Great Again” T-shirt, was just charged with disorderly conduct.
The fact that this occurred at all only underscores how mentally unstable the left is. How mentally unfit the left was, is and continues to be. 
The story unfolds with Burke, a West University Place Councilwoman and the Texas chapter leader for Moms Demand Action on Gun Control, approaching the teens girls at Tiny’s Milk and Cookies, reading with dismay the pro-President Donald Trump shirt worn by one, and losing it. 
“Grab ‘em by the pu—y girls,” she yelled, KPRC-TV reported.
One of the fathers of the group advised the girls to ignore the lady — “Ignore the nice crazy lady, girls, and she’ll go away!” But apparently, silence only emboldened Burke.
She kept yelling, the father recounted to local media.
“At that point,” he said, the New York Daily News reported, “the girls were getting kind of scared, and then the woman starts going, ‘MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!’ while shaking her fist.”

And yesterday, their founder (Shannon Watts) pulled a stunt with Dana Loesch:

Yeah, I’m convinced wacko cross-walk lady is also a Moms Demand Action member.


May 03, 2020

To be fair, we don’t know anything other the psycho attacked because the crosswalk was blocked. But folks that act like that are mentally unstable (like the Moms Demand Action people outlined above)


May 03, 2020

Absolutely, these assaults on Freedom must Stop. It is a Hate Crime. There needs to be Called a Hate Crime on Trump Supporters.

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