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Seattle residents and businesses, you’re on your own against the mob. Police ordered to stand down

I give the Chief of Police credit. Her hands are tied, but she made a point to object. Mayor Jenny Durkan should be ashamed. Lets not forget that she’s allied with the gun grabbers at Moms Demand Action (because disarming good people and letting the mob rule is how they role).

The police have been ordered to not protect citizens and businesses by the radical left city council and the Moms Demand Action allied mayor isn’t putting her foot down to stop it (but boy oh boy will she hold a press conference to talk about new laws she signed that are aimed to attack the law abiding gun owners of Seattle). These Bloomberg backed mayors are weak and can’t run a damn 7-11 (no offense to 7-11 managers). The mob is free to do as they wish. Good luck, Seattle. Not sarcasm. Even the gun control advocates are providing cover for Antifa there in regards to them stealing LE weapons.


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