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Shannon and her flock are SEETHING about Rittenhouse’s release from jail

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

That’s nice, Shannon. Your friends, the folks Kyle shot in self defense, and some BLM leaders are a tad worse than Rick and Mike, though (if you’re going to go that route based on past arrests), but whatever, defend the criminals Kyle shot just because you agree with their politics. I’m glad you‘re so outraged over THIS especially lol:

Black Rifle Coffee Co coffee kicks ass. Order some today (they are not part of this btw, it’s just a shirt he’s wearing). I chose Freedom Fuel in honor of Kyle being out.

UPDATE: So now Shannon is so mad that she‘s redacting BRCC on his shirt lol. They never even endorsed him, that’s yet another lie by Watts! And once again, Shannon, the 2 people he killed in self defense were criminals (a child molestor/child rapist and a repeat domestic abuser), so what’s the issue here if you want to keep going this route?:

Here, Shannon, it‘s better now.


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