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Shannon’s crew turns on her

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Well, we’ve been saying it all along. Watts is owned by Bloomberg. Moms Demand Action supporters are getting pretty pissed off at Watts/MDA endorsing their boss it seems. Take a look:

We (us “Gun extremists“) tried telling you she was bought by him. It happened in late 2013. Take a look at Moms Demand Action’s one and only 990 (only one because the following year they were completely merged with MAIG, which the merger led to Everytown For Gun Safety):

Watts sold out to be Bloomberg’s PR rep. Look at the money difference between pre-MDA and post MDA:

$31,000,000 difference is a lot, isn’t it? We tried telling you all, and now you, Moms Demand Action volunteers, are being used to make this man President. Congrats on supporting and shilling for a billionaire that‘s only interested in power (you hate Trump for the same reasons, right?). Have a nice day, and earn your Bloomberg dollars.


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