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Shannon Watts goes after Governor Pritzker

Updated: May 20, 2020

The “Moms” and their Führer, Shannon Watts, are starting to hammer Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker for his administration’s decision to deem Illinois FFL’s as “essential“ during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order:

One of her team leads in Illinois also is attempting to pressure the Governor:

During a press conference last week, a reporter asked Pritzker about his decision to exempt FFL’s from closure orders:

Now, I have no love for J.B., but on the surface and through his words, he made the right call regarding this (he’s a politician, so take his words with a grain of salt). Were any of the firearms used in those instances purchased by former non-gun owners? Unlikely, as you need a FOID card in Illinois to legally purchase a firearm (and it could take months to obtain one). This raises another question: why would a Moms Demand Action endorsed Governor knowingly do something that would undoubtedly tick them off? I mean, this guy signed into law SB337, which caused a TON of Illinois FFL’s to close down for good.

Is there an ulterior motive behind Pritzker’s decision? Will he reverse the decision now that his political activist buddies and their queen are raising hell over it? Did he make his decision to avoid another firearms related lawsuit when a big one is already out in Illinois (guess who dug around and broke those findings on 12/2)? Only time will tell, but we are all watching the actions of both the governor and his MDA allies. It’s hard to fully trust a guy that removed toilets in one of his mansions to cheat on his property taxes and that also once publicly supported a total ban on handguns when he previously ran for Congress:

"The press is the canvas on which you paint a picture of yourself and the press only seems interested in bright splashes of color, not subtleties," he said. "Reporters have their jobs, and I was naive in dealing with them. I could never overcome the rather simplified view they had of me, but that's more about how effectively my opponents painted me."
Pritzker did receive the endorsement of the Sun-Times (the Tribune endorsed Carroll) and was the subject of a favorable column by the Tribune's John Kass.
"I have learned that people want short answers," he said. "I was never able to just give a `no,' `yes,' on an issue. I wanted to explain why. `This is why I came to believe in what I believe.' I think I raised the level of debate, talked about issues that mattered."
Even if some of those issues--such as 24-hour child care, banning of handguns and payroll tax reform--failed to resonate with most voters?
"Yes," he said, then paused.

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Apr 09, 2020

By and large, the people who are flocking to gun stores this month are Shannon's uncommitted fellow travelers.

By running a so-called "gun safety" organization whose only real "safety" message is, " reduce the availability of guns," their blood is on her hands and no one else's.

"Don't own guns" is no more "gun safety" education than "just say no" was sex education.

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