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Shannon Watts is NOT into Mediocre Men... or their penises

If you are a mediocre man with a penis, you need not apply. Shannon Watts has no use for you in her world.

But, have no fear, Men of Mediocrity!

Your Penis Controlled Brains, Toxic Masculinity and Skid Marked Skivvies are absolutely appreciated by us ladies here at Mom-At-Arms. Your testosterone boosted egos are slightly annoying due to your inability to multitask or change the toilet paper roll, but we understand that your presence establishes balance within humanity, which has been heavily influenced by overly emotional Fem-Nazis like Shannon Watts and her harpy army, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, for a long time now. At any time, when y'all trigger Watts or one of her Commie Mommies, and they blast it on their social media platforms, we struggle to contain ourselves. Us women or worth are extremely appreciative of such ballsyness that we can sense it when it's on the loose. As it creeps into the atmosphere, we get tingly. We tell the youngins to hush up that fuss and take a quick second from our sammich making to stick our noses high in the air... as we deeply inhale, breathing in and absorbing your mighty brawn through our computer, phone and tablet screens. Purrrrrrr! Y'all are more than mediocre in our eyes. Rawr!

Now that we've established OUR stance... let's chat about Shan Shan's.

Recently, Shannon Watts decided to tweet about her dislike of men like you, when she expressed her annoyances over Elon Musk buying out Twitter... her favorite place to typically bitch about guns, men, and men with guns.

She's big about using emojis when she can't find the words to express her overall dissatisfaction. It's her way of telling us she doesn't have a dictionary/ thesaurus nearby at the moment of her tweeting. She's even bigger about demeaning folks when their ideologies and thoughts do not align with hers. She'll block ya, throw shade, give ya some passive aggressive lashings via the Twitterverse; and more than likely if you're a dude who likes and has guns that disagrees with her... she'll bring up your penis. This is how she rolls:

  • If you're a man with guns, it's because you don't have a penis.

  • If you're a man with a large gun, like an AR-15, it's because you have a very small penis and you're compensating.

  • And if you're a woman with guns, you don't necessarily have a penis, but you're a misogynist and should have any chances of having a penis completely revoked and your existence becomes irrelevant.

But this is new... NOW, if you misuse emojis to make fun of one of her benefactor's benefactors, no matter who you are, you'll face the same treatment.

Whether you agree with Elon Musk's tweet she's responding to here or not, one thing is for sure (and Shan Shan should know better), Musk is far from being an example of what's "mediocre." (If you need a quick definition of the word, mediocre in simple terms means "bland" or "inexpensive," as if it's not that big of a deal) Even Bill Gates, love him or hate him, graduated from "mediocre" ages ago. In all actuality, it's the only degree he has... "Master of Not Being Mediocre."

Even Shannon Watts' organization is funded by one of the richest, not mediocre men, in the nation, Michael Bloomberg. Elon Musk is WAAAAAY richer than him, and Gates, so it's odd that Shan Shan would even go there. I mean... Shannon is someone who claims to be "mediocre," herself. She's all the time telling folks about being an "Accidental Activist" and just a "Stay at home mom," who (supposedly) makes nothing from her billionaire funded activism. Here she is now, tweeting from her gated community, trying to insult one of the richest men in the world... who happens to be making a joke about another very wealthy man, all the while she, herself, works for a very rich man. (She's also married to one, but whatevs.) It would be different if Elon made the jab towards some random person who has a bank account that we can all relate to, but she just called a man who has more financial power than her own handlers (who are also all white men), "Mediocre."

In all seriousness though, we here at Mom-At-Arms really never run across "mediocre" people... especially men. Doesn't matter if you have a ton of money, or not. We actually find folks who appreciate the little things, stick up for what's right, and can hold logical conversations about anything far from mediocre. But that's just us...

Of course, though, Shan Shan's bitterness could also be because she's scared to death about her status on Twitter now that Elon Musk owns it... and was given blessings of such by the former CEO.

Will she become "mediocre" like the rest of us??

She's so freaked out about her follower counts that she's even telling people to follow her on Instagram... the same platform that she was allegedly "threatened" by NRA members some years ago...

We'll give it a few months before Shannon Watts starts making Musk the target of her gun control talking points. She'll change her tune just enough to inch her way into a Retweet or two of his, then really let him know what she's demanding.

Either way, if you're not blocked by her, it should be interesting to watch her freak out over her follower drops. Get the popcorn out! It's gonna be a fun thing to watch play out for us mediocre folks, with and without penises.

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
26. 4. 2022

Shannon: I'm sad that I'll never live in a country that's not dominated by mediocre white men who are obsessed with their penises.

Don't get sad -- get Chad.

New York to N'Djamena one-way is under $800.

You'd pay that for your freedom, wouldn't you?

Or open a GoFundMe, and we'll help.

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