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STFU Shannon Watts ( & Moms Demand Action )

*** WARNING!!! Explicit Language!!! If you're a softy, do not read any further... unless you're Shannon Watts or one of her Moms Demand Action harpies!!! ***


Yep! I said it. I'll even say it again... SHUT THE FUCK UP, SHANNON RENE TROUGHTON WATTS.

I'm not gonna call you the "Leader of the "Karens.'" I'm so over it. I have awesome friends named Karen that think you're a big ol' taint, just as much as I do, so SHUT... THE FUCK... UP, SHANNON WATTS!!!

I'm not going to baby you, like most would, to try to get to some common ground. You've already been bought by an establishment ran by a major Billionaire Politician, and making BANK doing such, so... what's the point? If "that's what good little Patriots do," then call me a rebel cause... Nope... so... SHUT THE FUCK UP, SHANNON WATTS!

Its not even the fact that you openly HATE the President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald J. Trump. You're entitled to hate him. IT'S YOUR RIGHT. I don't care about who you vote for. THAT'S YOUR RIGHT, AS WELL! You don't have to MAGA, but... SHUT... THE FUCK... UP, SHANNON R. WATTS!!!

I don't even mind that you've started some little Cookie Baking, Bored Mom Patrol out of your yoga pals, at your kitchen counter back in 2012, and its turned into a major thing for you now... and you're able to afford a more swanky wine. Go Girl! BUT SHUT... THE FUCK UP, SHANNON WATTS!!!'

What is so maddening about your entire platform, Shan... is not the fact that you're promoting something, YOU portray yourself as, totally believing in, but you're so completely narcissistic that you don't even care about any of your major gun knowledge faux pas. (See! I can use fancy words, too). I mean... you're really dumb when it comes to Gun Safety and Knowledge, no wonder "90% of Americans" that you and your ilk claim, are for universal background checks, red flag laws and all these other Gun Senses that you say. They don't want YOUR KIND to have them!! I don't want YOUR KIND to have them, because... well... considering your lack of understanding and knowledge of guns... YOU ARE AN ENDANGERMENT TO SOCIETY.

So... Let's talk about "YOUR KIND," some more... shall we?

YOUR KIND OF WOMAN, Shannon, is the kind that wants someone else to do it for you. You've never met hard work a day in your life, and the little moments of agony that you may have endured... you've subconsciously made a pact with yourself to make sure that MY KIND OF WOMAN, pays for it. (This one got away from ya, though, huh?)

Proof is in the fact that while women like, say... Donna Dees- Thomases were OUT THERE and actually walking door to door for Gun Control... all you had to do is wait till you could start up a Facebook Group before you could hit the streets with your red shirts? I mean... you're mid 40s/ early 50s now... and were in your mid 20s when Dees- Thomases' Million Mom March was around. Sooooo... you know...

I'm in my mid 30s and have been die-hard about Gun Rights since I was a tween. You really have no excuse, considering you worked for a Democrat Gun Grabber straight out of college. I've never had a true political upbringing, but... at least I can back up my entire value system with actual facts... NOT like YOU or YOUR KIND, does. WAIT!

Unless... you really are "FAKING IT TILL YOU MAKE IT?"

Hmmm... we've been there before, so I will move on.

What's also so annoying, is that while you preach and promote some sort of "Girl Power" or "Women Run The World" type of message with your organization, you don't open ANY doors for women that disagree with you. I mean... not a single one. Its no secret that you instantly DELETE or BLOCK folks who can outsmart you... which is why this "article" may take a while... or even never... to reach you, but... I can't help but wonder about all the women out there in the world, that you've disagreed with... yet blocked... that, you could've helped in some way.

I think about the woman, that defends gun rights, because she found THAT to be the way she escaped an abusive relationship... but she also sees that you make some points. You've blocked her, though, so, now she sits at home and doubts her own reasoning- because, in the end... she still needed help and guidance, and thought that YOU could direct her.

I think about the LGBTQ person who has gone their entire life as the target to someone's jokes and hatred. I think about their confusion in life... NOT BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW WHO THEY ARE... but because they have NO ONE TO TURN TO in order to express themselves and seek support. I think about how they admire you for who YOU ARE, Shan... then I think about, if they may ever wander into a Gun Store to ask questions: because, even though they're all about that Gun Sense, they just got out of the hospital for being brutally beaten by some anti LGBTQ bigot still on the loose. Now, they want to protect themselves, yet, I can only imagine their confusion and fear, even more, when you keep pushing your pathetic drivel. The amount of EVEN MORE judgement they may have on their shoulders... Cause THEY KNOW... "if you correct Watts, you get the block."

I think about how and where society has come from. The fact that we are so mused and inspired by the voices and thoughts that overtake our screens through social media. I think about all the people that hang off of your every word... and I worry. I know the above scenarios may seem so "small" and "childish" to you in essence, cause narcissists do not see beyond their own levels of thinking, but I really can't help but worry. I mean... if you have people who are so willing to hatefully target you on JUST Instagram with alleged death threats... For someone to HATE YOU THAT MUCH to the point that they pick JUST THAT PLATFORM to go at you, I can only imagine how it is for those who LOVE YOU, but slightly disagree. Where their minds go to, when they think that you hold the keys (even though none of those keys fit any doors), but you hold them... and they trust you... I worry. (I think I say that for a lot of people, actually.) Whereas you may worry about my child... or a child... getting ahold of a gun one day, and God forbid, what COULD happen... I worry about the kids coming up who listen to you and just DO NOTHING because you made them believe they're not worth the ultimate protection... like Bloomberg pays for you.


Since your relevance is slowly fading, do us all a major favor and...

SHUT... THE FUCK... UP, SHANNON WATTS... Founder of Moms Demand Action.

And PS... from a former marketing person to another, don't boast about your knowledge of fonts. For those of us who understand the world of graphic design and advertising, in paper and digital format, you just proved you are nothing more than a "People Designer."

Especially when you're not innocent of racist remarks, either.

Additional Link: Round 2! STFU Shannon Watts!


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