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The far-right “white supremacists” of VCDL’s lobby day (ha!). You lose, MSM and gun grabbers

Updated: May 20, 2020

(scroll to very bottom for a surprise)

Here’s what gun grabbers are pushing:

The reality?

Photos are not Mom-At-Arms originals and collected from social media and forums:

Supporting MLK

African American man refusing to comply

Lefties there to support LGBTQ rights and anti-racism statements

Law enforcement and Black Guns Matter protesting in unity

African American women standing up for their rights

LGBTQ flag w/”don’t tread on me”

Women standing up for their right to self defense

And the all-star of the day (video in link):

An unidentified black man -- who I suspect is about to become an internet video sensation -- announced to laughs from the crowd, "I am Governor Ralph Northam and I am in blackface today." Before that, you can hear him instructing the crowd to "Make a hole, I'm using my white privilege. Make a hole, step to the side!"

Seems to me that that crowd supporting 2A rights was anything but a mass gathering of “white supremacists and neo-Nazis“. The MSM and gun grabbers lost the narrative today. Americans of all walks of life, regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, and political beliefs are AGAINST gun control. The fear mongering was all false. Tens of thousands marched armed. No problems.

You lose, Bloomberg. We are united against you and your bought & paid for politicians.

More event photos here.

And with all If the hysteria, only one person was arrested (post-rally).

A young minority woman. Who attended a civil rights rally. On MLK day. Arrested for a law meant to de-mask the KKK. Oh the irony. Have fun, lawyers.

But no problem at all for the police (only the police and military should have face masks, right? Civilians don’t need assault face warmers)


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