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The Gunliest Of Them All

When I started Mom-At-Arms, I wanted to be an ADDED voice to the ranks of Gun Rights Activists. I wanted to educate folks on the importance of self protection, as well as empower others to speak up and not be afraid of the Gun Grabber narrative. I wanted to be one of the many that helped BREAK it.

With my bit of background experience in newspapers, media relations and advertising, I knew that starting an outlet, like Mom-At-Arms, there would be a need for friendly competition in order to establish a readership. I knew that my voice, alone, would not set the foundation for what I wanted to accomplish, so I opened up my platform for others to join in and be heard. My NUMBER ONE RULE for anyone that contributes to Mom-At-Arms, though, "Unless its an Op-Ed of your own thoughts, every expose and news related piece, you need to cite your references and give credit to other Pro 2A outlets for their work." That's what we do. We praise others that have done the work prior, or alongside us, in the Gun Rights community.

I never wanted to be THE Voice... and I'm not claiming that I am. Just stating that I never wanted to be THE VOICE for Gun Rights, so I've never competed directly with anyone in particular in this industry. I've never outright spoken harshly about any Gun Rights Activists and have actually reached out to MANY to collaborate, chat and help promote. MANY have turned me away or have ignored me completely. Some have even stolen mine, and the works of other Mom-At-Arms contributors, as their own without credit. Not that I'm "The Gunliest Of Them All," by any means... but... I find it odd for a community of individuals, who want to reach the masses about gun ownership and the rights that back it, turning ANYONE away or even disregarding their existence as a TEAMMATE... is actually something Gun Grabbers want from us. They do not want us to be a united front. They want our foundation completely broken.

Let's be real... our Gun Rights ARE AT STAKE and if the Gun Rights community was so freaking strong as we claim... our Gun Rights WOULDN'T BE AT STAKE in the first place.

Here we are, on the brink of some sort of civil war in our nation, and there are gun rights activists discrediting one another. How do we reach newbs if we can't get along?

Or is it that you're scared that IF there is ever a day that Gun Rights succeeds throughout the world, and Gun Control fails immensely (where all people realize it)... you'll be out of a job?

What a sad reality for most of you...


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