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The media “outrage” over the “Chinese Virus”. Guess what?....

Updated: May 20, 2020

We’ve all seen it. Lefty media sources like CNN are “outraged” that Trump keeps saying “Chinese virus” instead of “coronavirus” or “COVID-19”. First cases popped up in China so it began in China. Case closed. But let’s do a quick breakdown as to WHY some media outlets are all of a sudden appalled. Let’s look at CNN:

CNN in January:

Starting in February, CNN changed their tune

And more recently:

And today, CNN’s Jim Acosta:

Why, WHY are they defending China now? Simple! They have a partnership with Chinese Media! CNN is owned by WarnerMedia. Back in 2013, WarnerMedia partnered with Chinese media investors:

Time Warner and China Media Capital, a Chinese investment fund focused on media and entertainment, on Thursday announced the formation of a strategic investment partnership.
The announcement was made in the Western Chinese city of Chengdu where business leaders gathered for the 2013 Fortune Global Forum.
The alliance pairs the content company, led by CEO Jeff Bewkes and home of such companies as Warner Bros., HBO and Turner Broadcasting, with the investment firm that is dedicated to the media and entertainment sector.
The goal of the partnership is "to capitalize on China’s rapidly expanding media sector as digital devices proliferate and China’s demand for high-quality content across multiple platforms rises," the companies said.

And then 2017:

Warner Bros. China hosted a reception tonight to officially inaugurate its new office in Beijing, which houses the company’s film, television, home entertainment, games and corporate teams. Warner Bros. executives from China and Burbank, industry leaders, business partners and talent were in attendance to celebrate Warner Bros.’ continued growth in and commitment to the region.
Among the evening’s notable attendees were Kevin Tsujihara, Chairman and CEO, Warner Bros., Richard Fox, Executive Vice President, International, Warner Bros. and Gillian Zhao, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Warner Bros. China.
Zhao, who joined Warner Bros. China in August 2016, added: “Today marks an important next step for Warner Bros. in China. Even though I only recently joined the company, I can feel how deeply committed Warner Bros. is to the Chinese market.”
Warner Bros. has a longstanding history in China, having opened its first office there in the1930s. Today, the company is active on a number of business fronts in China, with its film, television, home entertainment and videogame properties available to audiences throughout the country. Warner Bros. also has a film production joint venture, Flagship Entertainment, with China Media Capital.

And finally, fast forward to 2019:

WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks’ strategy for Asia in 2020 will be to cast its net wide in terms of local content and collaborations as the company looks to secure its share of the region’s ever-expanding market.
WarnerMedia will also be further exploring the possibilities presented by new content streams though its ownership of the Tuzki IP. China’s most famous emoji rabbit is being leveraged into a comedy-drama series that will mix live-action and CGI, as well as a feature film and a series of theme parks.
Stock was installed as WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks' president of distribution and advertising sales, Europe, Middle East and Africa and the Asia Pacific region in August, with growth across APAC a primary focus.
In terms of streaming alone, the market across the region — including China — is expected to be worth $50 billion by 2024, according to industry watchers Media Partners Asia.

In short, CNN is attacking Trump and crying “racism” to help out their business partners in China and secure a good chunk of $. They‘ve sold out and are China’s bitch (more like whore since money is involved).

CNN: China News Network


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