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The new “Freedom Phone” targeted to the MAGA crowd is spearheaded by a Biden supporter?

If you haven’t heard yet, a new phone is being marketed towards folks that want to step away from big tech censorship and tracking.

Lefty media is seething over it. Conservative influencers are promoting it. We’ll let them all do their thing. The one question we have though is why is Erik Finman targeting his phone towards a specific base of people when he used his money to support the guy who’s administration is hell bent on using the federal government to monitor and track those that oppose his rule? FEC reported donations that Finman had made:

To be certain we had the right Erik Finman, we dug a little more.

We have no opinion on the phone, just the fact it’s being marketed to people that supported the guy that Finman didn’t, and the climate we are in now politically is not good. Will it be as secure and “free” as advertised? Who knows. As always, be careful what you say though, not saying this is, but there are traps out there with this type of thing. This is all along the lines of “would you trust, without serious reservations, a brand new online firearms marketplace that was started by a guy who donates to Giffords and Everytown?”

(note: on the FEC donations, he supported Tulsi Gabbard in the primaries. Tulsi is against censorship.)


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