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The people of Virginia are speaking. Not through their reps, but through their county boards

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

This map is slightly outdated (more added), but take note, Virginia Democrats.

The people of Virginia DO NOT want what you plan to do in January. Citizens and grassroots activists have bypassed their useless legislators (with whom most are located in heavy population areas and are owned by Michael Bloomberg and his buddies) and have taken action locally, which is where it matters. As you can see, the areas in red and orange hold the majority of delegates (population centers).

The districts in those heavy population areas are controlling the rest of the state. The rest of the state doesn’t want gun control. This is YOUR FAULT, Democrats, that people are taking action against you. You’re not the “saviors”, you’re the bullies. Also, word on the street is that you‘re trying to “compromise“ by allowing “grandfathering” of currently owned semi-auto rifles as long as people register them. Nope. Not falling for that crap!


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