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This is America now: woman “arrested” for not wearing mask

While I get someone can be arrested for trespassing on property for not following stated guidelines, this is what we’ve come down to now. To be honest, it’s the reaction from the bystanders that’s the most troubling. These types of people (sound like your typical statist Democrats) will rat out their neighbors and own family if daddy government told them to. Nazis will be Nazis I guess. Source of video here. News article on it below.

EUREKA, Calif. —Police removed a woman from Costco Tuesday after she reportedly caused a disturbance over not wearing a mask, according to the Eureka Police Department.
At around 1:15 p.m. employees at the store on Wabash Avenue called to report a woman refusing to wear a mask who "strong armed" a cell phone from an employee, police said.
When the woman heard officers were on-scene, she returned the cell phone to its owner, according to the EPD.
EPD officers detained the woman in handcuffs on suspicion of robbery, police said. Police said Wednesday they would also forward a citation for failure to comply with the mask order to the district attorney.
"A report is being written for robbery and failure to comply with order and will be forwarded to the DA," EPD Public Information Officer Brittany Powell said.
No arrests were made and police were unable to release the name of the woman who reportedly refused to wear a mask.

”Robbery“ for the response when the employee called the police over the mask issue.


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