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Those peaceful gun control activists are at it again!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Came across this today. It’s really par for the course regarding a decent amount of people who support gun control and the politicians that push for it:

So these people want gun control and “safety” SO much that if you disagree with them, they’ll hope your family members are gunned down by a ”deranged shooter“ in order to teach you a lesson! Honestly folks, these control freaks want you and your loved ones dead because of your beliefs in upholding the 2nd amendment and your other political beliefs. I have no words, as I myself don’t wish death on people merely because I disagree with their stance on gun control. Then again, I’m not a psychopath like this whackjob, and it’s these types of folks that want you disarmed. Ponder that for a moment..........


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