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Time to celebrate (not)! “Shannon’s Kampf” is available in bookstores!!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Why the comparison to Mein Kampf? It reads just like it. if you took the dates out, it would be hard to tell the two apart.

Don’t forget praising failed movements that did more harm than good (we covered this example here):

Funny, as one of the leaders of that movement was a hatchet wielding maniac.

In 1899, Carrie Nation, inspired by what she believed was divine revelation, entered a saloon in Medicine Lodge and began singing a temperance hymn. A supportive crowd gathered, and the saloon was shut down. Whether she had success with other saloons in town or not is disputed by different sources.

The following year, in May, Carrie Nation took bricks with her to a saloon. With a group of women, she entered the saloon, and began to sing and pray. Then she took the bricks and smashed bottles, furniture and any pictures they deemed pornographic. This was repeated at other saloons. Her husband suggested that a hatchet would be more effective; she adopted that instead of bricks in her saloon-smashing, calling these smashings "hatchetations." The saloons that sold liquor were sometimes called "joints" and those who supported the "joints" were called "jointists."
In December of 1900, Carrie Nation vandalized the luxury Hotel Carey's barroom in Wichita. On December 27, she started a jail term of two months for destroying a mirror and a nude painting there. With her husband David, Carrie Nation saw the state's governor and condemned him for not enforcing prohibition laws. She vandalized the state Senate saloon. In February 1901, she was jailed in Topeka for wrecking a saloon. In April, 1901, she was jailed in Kansas City. That year, journalist Dorothy Dix was assigned to follow Carrie Nation for Hearst's Journal to write about her joint-smashing in Nebraska. She refused to return home with her husband, and he divorced her in 1901 on grounds of desertion.

Yeah, sounds like something Moms Demand Action cultists would do......

We have a PDF of the book and we’ll give you the cliff notes

-NRA bad

-White men bad

-I’m a fraud

-I’m just like all of you

-Stand up to bullies by being an even better bully

-No matter how idiotic you are, get involved in gun control activism

-Give me money and buy my book

There, saved you $12.99. And to keep with the theme of the title and first part of the article, we’ve taken some quotes from “Mein Kampf” and “Fight Like a Mother”. Guess which is from which book?

1. “Obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken”. 2. “ You understand that it’s part of your role to make the world a better place for everyone; it’s a moral obligation that you feel not so much as a duty but as a simple fact of life.” 3. “ All you have to do is decide to heed the call—you don’t need training, prior experience, or even a lot of time.“ 4. “The frailest woman will become a heroine when the life of her own child is at stake.” 5. “ Some battles you just know you’re not going to win. It’s important to fight them anyway, because when you lose forward, you make gains that help make you stronger for the next fight.” 6. “ There are certain truths which stand out so openly on the roadsides of life, as it were, that every passer-by may see them. Yet, because of their obviousness, the general run of people disregard such truths or at least they do not make them the object of any concious knowledge. People are so bliend to some of the simplest facts in everyday life that they are highly surprised when somebody calls attention to what everybody ought to know.”


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