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Virginia gun owners, the Attorney General just said “you WILL obey”

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Things are definitely getting ugly in VA.

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has responded to the trend of Virginia counties passing Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions ahead of next year’s General Assembly, saying they are being "ginned up by the gun lobby" and that any new gun laws passed will be enforced.
Following the November's election, which saw Democrats take control of both the state House and Senate, the expectation is lawmakers will pass a number of gun control measures in 2020 for Democratic Governor Ralph Northam to sign.

Goes without saying that he’s supported by Michael Bloomberg’s activist army.

Also in the linked article above is this:

On Wednesday, when he spoke to CBS 6, Herring said his office had not officially received Del. Jones' request, but would respond when they do.
"We'll get it when it comes in. We'll take a look at it and we'll make an appropriate response," added Herring.

I have a feeling he‘s going to say that gun sanctuaries are unlawful (but sure, illegal aliens that aren’t even citizens can have all the sanctuary they need). The gun control tyrants are going to formally declare war on gun owners of VA once Herring states that their movement means nothing and that these counties/sheriffs/cities must fall in line with Northam’s government. What’s going to happen then? You can thank Bloomberg and his moms for putting you all in this mess.


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